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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bumps along the road...

Sometimes unexpected things happen. We were anticipating a rather crazy weekend with a school lock-in, orchestra concert for the girls, my husbands orchestra concerts, meeting up with the school band in Boston at the Aquarium for a outdoor concert, and finally children's Sunday at church. This in addition to having grandma and grandpa along. But at the end of last week my husband came down with a fever and cough which has lasted over a week now. We did somehow manage to get through the weekend but without him to share some of the driving tasks I was exhausted. Both he and I got little sleep as he coughed and soaked the sheets with fever.

On Monday he finally visited the doctor but was back again yesterday because the fever just wouldn't go away and the cough seemed worse. Sure enough it is pneumonia. I was a more than a little frustrated at their not giving him antibiotics on Monday. Surely a man that has had a high fever for about 5 days with a cough might possibly have something that isn't viral. And with his medical history it would make more sense to just start him on antibiotics. Sigh. And then in the parking lot at the doctor's office just as he was about to leave... BUMP... a car backed into the side of his car. These things seem so frustrating especially when you are working so hard just to cope.

But the dent in the side of his car seems insignificant to the agony we have been going through these last few days. I think that having survived cancer twice we still worry so much whenever he gets sick. This fear never goes away though day to day life sometimes overwhelms it.

The girls dance recital is this weekend and we are excited to see them in their pretty costumes. I have been enjoying the last 2 days of rain and have spent some time admiring the pretty flowers that so quickly bloom and fade away in my gardens.

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