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Saturday, May 24, 2008

The calm before the storm...

That is what this weekend feels like to me. As the school year comes to an end we find the next few weeks and weekends are scheduled back to back and overlapped with activities. Music recitals, band concerts, dance recital, church activities, orchestra concerts, and school programs keep us busy and a little crazy. But it is fun and exciting to think that summer will soon be here.

So this weekend really is relaxing and the weather this year is cooperating nicely. My husband finished work on our blue stone patio area and I worked on the window boxes and my hypertufa troughs. I haven't put in the tomatoes yet but I did dig up most of the tarragon that was invading my herb garden. I stuck a small tarragon plant in a pot dug into the garden hoping to contain it a bit.

Work wise I have been very busy making up my little bird sets.

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