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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

hot Hot HOT!

This little heat wave took us by surprise. We enjoyed the girls dance recitals last weekend. They did very well and survived a very hot performance. I enlisted a little help from the girls this weekend to get some mowing and mulching for the vegetable garden since Dad was taking it easy -- recovering from his pneumonia.

The house has been unbearable these last few days and I have been uncomfortable working with out any cooling. We had intended to hold off on the air conditioning as long as possible in the interest of conservation but its nearly impossible to do anything let alone think in this heat. We broke down and put an air conditioner in our bedroom and one for the girls (sleepovers on hot nights). But the downstairs is still hot. My carpal tunnels is very painful recently and the heat as been a good excuse to give my hands a little bit of a rest. My doctor has recommended a hand specialist so I will be seeing him sometime this summer to see if they can improve the situation. I love to work with my hands and can't see giving this up. As it is I really have to pace myself with my work and not overdo it -- which is easy for me to do. A variety of work does help though.

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