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Monday, September 19, 2011

Winters in the air...

Or at least thats what the neighborhood squirrels are implying. The drive down to Boston on Saturday with the girls was a regular squirrel graveyard. Yuck.

Here are a few cute penguins ...

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September blues

Peach and Grey

Another fall and summer over again. The girls are back at school and we are reluctantly dragging ourselves through the motions of the back to school activities. This means more driving for me though my oldest will be driving soon.

The girls will be back at NEC and I will be making the trip into Boston twice on Saturdays now. It should be crazy. It will be. I'm dreading it. But I love the music.

I just got through the torture of a sleep study. Yes it was torture for me with my claustraphobic feelings. Of course it looks like I do have sleep apnea so I will be having the added torture of drowning in that air face mask. Its so difficult calming that absolute panic of sufficating with it even though that seems odd because its blowing air. But I feel like I'm diving into a tiny pool of water when I put that mask on. I suppose I will enjoy more sleep though so I am determined to give it a try.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

May around the corner ...

I'm usually so excited as the spring continues to unfold. The flowers start adding color to the drab left-overs of winter and the brown grass turns miraculously greener. The trees promising buds of green are suddenly leaves and the world is transformed. But I find this all a little bittersweet without Mark here to share them with. I'm not immune to it though. Those perky daffodils and tiny blue flowers are a little too pretty not to make me smile just a little.

Like every year at this time I've been trying to find a day I can have a bonfire and burn some of the brush. I have the burn permit from the town which expires at the end of April. But the days and weather don't cooperate much. Either too much wind, too much rain, or I'm just busy. We had a lot of prickly brush piled up from all the help from friends last fall when Mark was sick. I managed a small fire yesterday but had to get it out rather quickly so I could leave the house on an errand.

Life has been pretty busy with the girls activities. Both the high school and middle school bands won gold in the MICCA competitions which was exciting. May and the beginning of June promise to be more than busy with all the concerts and recital dates. NEC auditions are coming up too at the beginning of May.

I attended a stone carving class with Adam Paul Heller the second weekend in April down in RI. My idea was that I might learn enough to carve my husband's grave stone. We both have always loved the old slate stones in the graveyard up over the bridge and on a hill above our river. That is where Mark is buried now. The kids have memories of playing hide and seek up there and it was always our first stop on our walks along the old railway tracks.

The class was wonderful. We learned about stone and the carving tools and much about lettering as well. We each had our own work area and a piece of slate secured to an easel-like stand.

I admit it was frustrating at first but over time I was more satisfied with my work. Still it hardly compares with the skill of the masters of this art but it is a joy to be able to carve into something so permanent as stone.

My first practice stone. Letters chosen to practice straight lines, connecting lines, and then curves. Towards the end of the first day I got a little frustrated with the lettering and wanted to try a leaf.

The second day I worked a little more on my leaf and then started on a second stone. I decided to chose letters that meant something to me, hoping I might be a little more meticulous in my carving of them. I laid out the lettering for Mark's name on the slate tile half.

Adam was a wonderful teacher, very encouraging and patient. The other people attending the class were very interesting as well and made the weekend very enjoyable.

The girls were so impressed with my carving of Mark's name that we decided to put it up at the grave until I have his grave stone carved. So far I think I am going to order two matching stones in slate. Eventually one will be mine but if I order it now I can get it to match best. I'm busy trying to get some practice slate to practice my carving on. I don't expect that I'll be able to match the skill of a stone carving artist but I think the process of carving this is important to me.

A few photos from the class ...

Anyway we made a little garden shaped like a heart up on Mark's grave. Back in February and March we had collected loose stones around the grave site and made a heart shape around his photo marker. At the beginning of April the cemetery workers had regraded the area and added topsoil. Our stone heart was gone sadly. In April my mother had put a small planter of pansies in the ground there. Last week when I was picking off the old flowers I decided to toss them over the stone wall. Oddly enough I could see that all our stones we had collected had been tossed there. This was strangely disturbing so I got the kids to help collect the stones in a bucket and we arranged them again as a heart. On Friday I picked up a bunch of pretty plants (blue forget-me-nots, blue violas, wild bleeding heart, thyme, and jacobs ladder) to arrange within the heart. The carved stone we placed in the center. We brought the pansies of my moms back home. With all these rainy drizzly days the plants should fill in nicely. I love the moss that grows around the graveyard here.

The girls really enjoyed making the garden and planting the sweet plants. The youngest was really happy with the result and I was glad that we had done this. I'm not sure what the cemetery commission will say about this but certainly it should be ok for the year it will take me to carve the stone. Besides we are up there so often that we will keep it looking nice and well watered.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Birthday darling, we miss you xoxoxoxo

Yes, today is the day that Mark would have turned 48. We all have had a melancholy week particularly me though. But it all comes down to simply just missing him terribly every second of my day. My youngest (just turned 10) wrote this song as a tribute to her daddy's birthday.

In My Sorrow

In my sorrow I will find that there's happiness inside of me.
In my sorrow I will find that love's always there.
In my sorrow I will find that love shall not keep me from my family, and
In my sorrow I will find that there's love to share.

In my grief I will find that happiness is like a flower,
Always blooming in depths of my heart.
In my grief I will find that love will embrace me,
When you're here and when you're gone, forever.

In death I will find that there's happiness in heaven.
In death I will find that your love is still here,
Always with me, never gone, our love still lives on.
In death I will learn not to shed a single tear.

In my love I will find that death can not part us,
Even though when you're not here I feel torn apart.
Torn to shreds, and broken down, my pieces never found.
In my dreams you will come and piece together my heart.

In happiness I will find that nothing can stop me,
From loving you for all of my life.
In happiness I will find that you still remember,
All the great times we have spent together.

In my life I will find that you're still watching over me,
Making sure that I take the right steps.
In my life I will find that you're still here beside me,
Guiding me through my life 'til the end.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A few things ...

I'm keeping busy getting through things day by day but feeling a bit lost. The girls are home on vacation this week. We enjoyed snow tubing on Monday and the MFA on Tuesday. The snow on Monday had me thinking back to the day of Mark's burial. I had fun while tubing but the rest of the day was tough. I can't say this is going to be easy in any way. Still trudging through paper work and probably will for a while yet.

I've got a several custom orders filling up my schedule for the spring. This should keep me busy a bit.

These lovely treasuries made on Etsy include some of my work.

'nature and birds!!' by hobilium

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