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Friday, February 8, 2008

More birthday planning ...

I am still trying to pull together a few things for the party next week. This is a little panda mask I made for the kids - I still have to adjust the sizing for the kids head's though.

The activities for the party will be:

1. Musical "panda footprints" : Instead of chairs I just print/paint a themed picture on about 8 pieces of paper/cardboard. They are easy to move around and less bulky and dangerous than chairs.
2. Pin the bamboo on the Panda
3. Craft: TBD
4. Spin the bottle "Panda/Chinese" charades where the kids spin the bottle. The person whom the bottle points pulls out a little rolled up paper out of the bottle. They read this and act out the word while the other children guess.
5. Tossing game: TBD


Lisa Brown - Vintage Sweet Peas said...

Your panda mask design is so cute!
Sounds like you and the children are going to have a great time!


Rain's End said...

Thanks, Lisa. The kids usually have a lot of fun and the key is to keep them busy.