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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I have had a wonderful few weekends with activities for myself. My husband took over watching all the girls while I was off having fun. On Nov. 10th I took a PMC (precious metal clay) class at Sharon Arts in Peterborough, NH. It was a full day class and was quite fun. The clay is quite precious though and very expensive but it did give me some motivations to pursue working on a small scale with my ceramics. I made 3 pendants -- two for myself and one for my youngest. She was reluctant to let me out of her sight and I promised her a special gift.

Last weekend I spent with my Children's writers group at Whispering Pines in Rhode Island on a writers retreat. It has been quite some time since I focussed my attention on writing and it was a relaxing and quiet weekend. The girls missed me and I think my husband did too. They were busy painting glaze on ceramic ornaments for our tree this year.

We will be having a quiet Thanksgiving this year with just our own family. Hopefully it won't be too quiet here! We have a birthday to celebrate on Friday too!

These are two Etsy treasuries that I would like to share.

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charlotte said...

wow, cute stuff over here! happy T-day to you!