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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Busy, busy ... as a bee

This fall has found us pretty busy and we had put off taking the honey off the hives. We leave a lot of honey for the bees but have to compact the hives by removing the supers (top thinner boxes) so the bees can manage to keep the hive warm enough all winter. The poor things have to generate a lot of heat to keep warm. But cold weather is not good for honey harvesting because it doesn't flow and the extraction process is slow and frustrating. The cold weather did allow us to do this on our porch with out the bees around though.

My chore for the week will be bottling the honey and getting the wax ready for candle making.

Speaking about busy....Wow, things have really picked up in my Etsy shop this past week. I sold all my pottery rooster recipe/card holders! I will be making more of these as time allows and may have some ready in time for Christmas too.

Obviously everyone is busy getting ready for the holidays now. I am spending a lot of time working on my custom orders and trying to fit in some new things for the shop too. I finished up this cute pair of owls as a custom order.

And I finished up this adorable little baby penguin.

Another sweet bird treasury on Etsy to share...

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Bonny said...

wow - I had no idea that you had to compact the hives for the bees! my brother "rents" bees to help pollinate his blueberries - he always manages to lose at least one hive to the local bears.

Congrats on the busy Etsy shop - 'tis the season :)