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Saturday, November 24, 2007

A quiet and thankful day

Thanksgiving was actually pretty relaxing. With out guests coming we woke up a bit later and enjoyed a nice breakfast. My husband cooked a duck dinner with scalloped potatoes and yummy carrots. Meanwhile we worked a little bit on straightening up the house (for our impending teenage birthday party with BOYS!). I put the clear glaze on the ceramic Christmas ornaments we made and finally had to clear my crafts off the table so we could enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner. I didn't even set up the table with a fabric table cloth (sigh) but it was simpler with kids just to enjoy dinner. My youngest was disappointed with the duck and complained and sulked a bit. She suddenly became a big turkey fan. But we loved it!

Friday morning was breakfast in bed for our teenager. Later that morning found me taking my daughter to the mall with her friend. I must be insane! I really try to avoid the mall whenever I can and Friday of all days to go! But the girls really had fun and I survived well enough. The first two items purchased never had their security tags removed. So since I was carrying them I basically beeped every alarm in the mall. Suddenly on the other side of the mall I realized that it was me. How embarrassing!

We were back for my business meeting with friends. We are in the process of setting up a local "store" and are just beginning our business plan. Everything is working well at this point with a few rough bumps along the way. But its a learning process!

They left close to 5pm. The plan was to head to the movies after dinner and cake but my husband kind of derailed that by making "fresh" pasta for our lasagna. He had a package of lasagna noodles from the store so I'm not sure the reasoning on this. In any case it was a rather stressful and frenzied rush out the door without cake. I am amazed at how much I dislike a change in plans sometimes. The handmade pasta under other circumstances would have been delightful but I just couldn't enjoy it. Well 60 seconds is not how long I intended to spend eating dinner.

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Bonny said...

It sounds like you weathered the holiday well - good for you! I admit I'm a traditionalist - it's turkey for me on Thanksgiving (although easily said since hubby does most of the cooking!)

Best of luck with your new business venture :)