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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Summer days

We have been enjoying a few quiet days at home. Everyone in the family has been reading Harry Potter and I too have finished this morning. I really enjoyed this book so much. In a way I am sad its over.

I am still facinated by the treasuries on Etsy but have yet to catch one of my own. My little wedding birds are included in a new treasury called Primary Blue by cynmb.

This treasury includes a cool concrete relief sculpture of a light bulb by scenicartisans. I really love their work! This is a nice reminder to me that I should allocate a little free time to do some cement work that I love to do during the summer. I can't believe that it is already August. It looks like the girls will have a longer summer this year with the delay of school starting pushed back into mid-September due to the budget issues. As much as I like summer I know the girls will be anxious to be back with their friends too. And next summer we will pay with a much shortened summer.


Bonny said...

congrats on the treasury! I must admit, I just finished HP last week - loved the way JK finished out the series!

Rain's End said...

She really tied up all the loose ends too and I like how everything ended! With so many books I am so glad that she actually finished them too. My kids have been avid readers of these books.