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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hot summer days!

The girls could barely move outside the pool yesterday it was so hot. So with a few neighborhood friends the pool was busy all day. My husband and I took turns keeping an eye on them.

We didn't do much house or yard work due to the heat but enjoyed a bit of reading and for me a little needle felting. I also did the final wet felting of some of the felted squares that I made in the early spring. With a little water and soap and two sheets of bubble wrap I rolled and squeezed until it firmed up quite nicely. I want to make some small purses with these. I took the bantam chicks out of their "house" and put them in a little wire pen that will help protect them from predators but give them a little chance to scratch in the grass and dirt.

These are a few pairs of wedding birds I am working on. One is a custom order.

We stayed up late playing "The Settlers of Cattan" with the girls in the air conditioned bedroom. It was a fun game now that the girls are getting the hang of it.

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altjoujou said...

What can I say, but.. your birds are the BEST!