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Monday, July 30, 2007

On becoming a hermit...

Our family enjoyed a long camping weekend at Hermit Island in Maine. I must admit that the packing and unpacking work involved in a camping trip is clearly not my favorite task. We keep all our camping gear in plastic bins now stored in the basement, but its been a few years since our last real camping trip so some of the gear has scattered. We did get a new inexpensive 3 tent (attached) thing to replace our older tent. When the kids were small the old tent was perfect but everyone is getting bigger now (too big to step over anyways).

This was actually an unexpected trip for us too and since we had just returned from a week away from home it was even more difficult to get things together. The campsite was beautiful and wooded and we were visited by a few deer and their fawns while we set up camp. The girls were great but we suffered through the usual grumbles about "too many bugs" and "yucky bathrooms" but those are the realities of camping for the most part. The beaches and rocky shores on the island were beautiful. My husband spent one afternoon working on a pastel drawing for me. This is a (shadowed but the best I could do) photo of his drawing. It depicts point of land/ocean on Hermit island called "The Bathtub". During high tide it is a deep channel but at low tide is a nice warm wading channel. We jumped in while the tide was still high and the water cold and swam up to the shallower end of the channel.

The kids explored and captured hermit crabs and built castles. We brought our large Frisbee and had fun with this too.

My teenage daughter carved her new boyfriend's name/initials in each beach and some trees too!

All starfish used to profess her love were returned to their home rocks after briefly being used. Her wood carving drew a little blood too and stained the log a bit.

She was also thoroughly immersed in the latest Harry Potter book. It must be good because at various points in the books she was sobbing with tears running down her cheeks. It was almost too painful to let her read further but she was obviously enjoying it.

After dinner we enjoyed a late night around the campfire visiting with friends and their two boys. We ate marshmallows and s'mores and told funny stories as well as a few scary ones (goat man, swamp monsters, and the bloody finger). Everyone had fun. Then after a visit to the flush toilets we crawled into our sleeping bags for the night. My husband started reading aloud the first chapters of the Harry Potter book but I was so exhausted that I fell asleep after the first few sentences.

When I returned to Etsy today I noticed I had 4 items from my shop in 4 treasuries. Wow! Thank you everyone for including my work!

I love the beautiful treasury called Pond Life submitted as a poster. It was created by beadedeyefairy. My own little ponds are enjoying the frog visitors and the many dragonflies! Their treasury would make a beautiful poster and I am honored to be included.

The treasury called UglyKitty's Grandma's Favorites by UglyKitty is so adorable too. So many beautiful things to look at!

The treasury Heartfelt Genius features one of my new little birds. It was created by heidihibbard.

The treasury Mine, all mine by Morrgan is another beauty!

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