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Sunday, May 13, 2007

The space between the notes...

It is a beautiful Mother's Day. I really love these cool sunny days in the spring. On Mother's Day I get breakfast in bed so I am forced to linger around the bed a lot longer than I would like. This morning everyone was busy in the kitchen getting breakfast ready, flowers cut, and cards made. Amongst all this was the usual fighting over who does what, who is not sharing what, and so on. There never is peace with young kids -- or very infrequently anyway. Today I wasn't minding the noise though. The breakfast was delicious - crepe suzette and espresso.

Soon after breakfast we were off to church. My husband played a beautiful piano piece today. He really played so lovely. As I listened it dawned on me why I find this specific type of music so relaxing and meditative. Those brief hesitations and pauses between the notes seem to stop time and we wait on the brink for the next note. I marvelled at how perfectly he played this and how those pauses seemed so absolutely perfect. If they had been shorter or longer everything would have been off. The children's choir also sang and they were so adorable. This is the first choir group that has worked hard learning their songs and they did so well.

I spent the afternoon doing odds and ends. I made a driftwood and railroad spring sculpture to hang off the porch. I also used a few antique strap hinges with that so when the wind blows they ring like a bell against the spring. I had to use some plastic coated electrical wire to hang it because it was so heavy. I also made a bunch of repairs to the other driftwood, sea glass, and old bottle wind chimes I have had about the yard for a few years. They all look so beautiful again. I also put up our rather naked christmas tree to make another bottle tree. I don't have enough blue bottles yet but I will have to keep my eye out for them.

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