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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Warm spring day

Yesterday was so beautiful. I spent the morning raking a few of the flower beds so I could admire my small bulbs a bit more. The girls went off to church with Dad and I had the place to myself. It was so peaceful once I got the dogs to quiet down. I worked more on this little pink piggy wiggy.

In the afternoon the girls each had a friend over so they all had fun outside on the tire swing or in the playhouse. Dad worked on the door frame for the closet and I worked on cleaning up and painting the old shaker door to go in that frame. After the friends left the younger two dragged out the sprinkler, bathing suits, and flip flops and had a little water fun. They really want the pool out but we will wait until later in May. I sat on the porch with some wool to hand card and pick out some of the bits of hay. With a wine glass next to me what more could you want.

In the evening we watched a rented movie and I worked a bit more on an orange colored bird. I haven't pieced it together yet. My Etsy store was finally back online and I noticed I had sold my ducklings and several other things. But the site was too slow to do anymore.

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