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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Canoe Race

This morning was our town annual canoe race. Our neighbor up the street borrowed our canoe for the second year to do this race. Every year at 10 am on a Saturday morning in April we sit down by the river and cheer on the canoe racers as they paddle by. This year was a bit strange since only 5 days ago the water level on the river was the highest it has ever been since the 1930's. The frightening water of last week has subsided to normal levels but there are subtle changes to the shape of the river bank as sand is washed down and redistributed. Last week the old stone bridge a few hundred feet down river had water up to the top of the arches. But now the levels are normal for this time of year.

It took only an hour for all the boats to pass. They have to pull out soon after they pass our river bank to carry over the bridge and around the falls.

My arms ached too much from yesterday's yard work to continue anymore art projects today. After lunch we decided on a walk to enjoy the nice weather. We settled on a walk along the old abandoned train tracks with the two dogs and the girls. It was a pleasant walk with the warm weather and lack of bugs.

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