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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Back to school

The kids are back to school again now that spring break is over. The next 2 months will be the busiest of the year for us.

I spent this morning getting messy with clay making my little pottery chickens. I have a wholesale order to work on so I had best get busy with this so they can dry properly.

I also have a few custom orders of needle felting to do as well. I put together another bluebird but still haven't finished my little orange bird. I think she will be so cute. I tried to work on her this morning but my youngest wanted to needlefelt too so she needed my attention.

My youngest is still half-day at school so when she got home I played outside with her. She made a little cute area under the crab-apple tree where the picnic bench currently sits. The forsythia is in bloom next to it so it looks just lovely. I gave her two of my windchime dingly danglies to hang in the tree limbs. Then I got busy clearing out the old rose branches. Ouch! And my tiny pond. Yuck! Nothing like the smell of decaying leaves and muck in water. But now its all nice and I put in a yellow iris plant so soon it should look lovely.

Now that the flowers are coming out I would love to sit down and do a few more paintings. I am just so busy with my needle felting and pottery right now that its hard to find any time. Plus life in general has to go on too. Here are a few of the ACEO's I did in March 2007.


Lis Kidder said...

They're beautiful!

Dashery Jewelry & Accessories said...

Those chickens are so funny all grey and spaced out on the table.