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Friday, April 27, 2007

Rainy Friday

Another rainy spring day. Every thing outside is greening up so pretty. Soon the trees and lilacs will be blooming. This is my favorite time of year but it passes so quickly.

I spent my morning working on my needle felt projects while my youngest was off at kindergarten. Right now I set up everything on our little used (for eating that is) dining table. The lighting in that room is so nice and I can look out the window and enjoy the backyard. Eventually I will have everything set up in the room that was our original kitchen. We are waiting to save up some money to remove the old flooring in that room. Once that is done I will set up my art work area in there. That part of the house is over 200 years old and the lighting and ceiling height are not very good. But it really is the best place for my art studio in the house.

I finally finished this little orange bird. My youngest daughter and I dyed the wool with orange Kool-aid. It was a fun project for both of us. She of course wants this little bird but will settle for a hat just like hers. I'm not sure how I will manage that though!

This is also my husband's last day home since he starts a new job on Monday. He was laid off in March and it has been longer than anticipated for finding a new job. It will be nice to have the house to myself again though I will miss him. Under different circumstances it would be fun to have him home. But being unemployed is just too stressful on everyone. My car also died during that time and we survived with one car for several weeks. This created additional stress as well.

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