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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Town Earth Day

Our town is celebrating Earth Day this weekend and will have a bunch of interesting things at the Town Common. I decided not to do a craft table this year which means I am much less stressed but I will miss it. The girls had fun and enjoyed meeting up with their friends. It was perfect weather and very crowded. With all this rainy cold weather everyone is anxious to get out and enjoy the sun.

Last night my friend organized a crafting night at a town owned building that can be rented out for $45 an evening. The building is called the Reading Room and I believe was donated by Winslow Homer's sister for a local girls seminary school in the later 1800's. We had 7 women come and it was such a wonderful time. It has been so long since I enjoyed an evening out away from children and husband. Everyone brought something of their own to work on and the conversations were fun.

After thinking over the dilemma of a decent work area I decided to move everything back up to the new "attic". The walls are finished nice and painted and the ceilings are high. The floor is just plywood with an old rug over it but its fine. I will just have to share half the room with boxes of stuff stored there. I moved the small drafting table and brought up the expandable card table of my grandmother's and placed these against the wall. Boxes of materials and things went under the table. I am also going to move the larger drafting table from my adjacent bedroom into this room as well. I think this arrangement will go a long way towards getting myself more organized. Then when we finally finish the floors in that room downstairs I can move again. Meanwhile our new kitchen dining area won't be cluttered with my stuff. I feel a whole lot better already!

Later in the day I let the chickens and ducks out of their pen to enjoy the green grass. They made a bit of a mess in my gardens though.

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