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Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I woke up this morning overwhelmed by the clutter in this house. No one wants to get rid of anything here so every year we just accumulate more stuff. And adding to the problem will be the boxes of STUFF that we have to move out of storage today. Where can they possibly go? We rented the storage a few years ago when we took down an older part of the house and built an addition. That space was our "attic" storage so all that stuff stored there had to go somewhere. Unfortunately that project has lasted a lot longer than we expected so getting the things out of storage wasn't an option. But at this point it doesn't make any sense to spend $40 a month to keep it there. Really that STUFF isn't worth that much.

Well all the boxes, broken antique chairs, old picture frames, rug hooking frames, and grandfather's fishing gear are stacked up on our porch. Along with that are many bags of clothes that are too small for my youngest now. I was saving these for her but could never find them. Somehow we will have to absorb this stuff into an already crowded house. But all this is motivating me to go through the house and get rid of a few things. Since no one else living here wants to cooperate I guess I will have to do this in secret. I see a yard sale in our future.

With all this I did not get much work done on my art projects. But it was quite an accomplishment to empty the storage so I'm happy enough with that.

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