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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fall fun activities

Last weekend was a busy one for our family. On Sunday we woke up early to visit with the other families that went to China with us 11 years ago. Yes, 11 years ago we were in China waiting to adopt our daughter along with 2 other families. Each year we get together around this time to celebrate family day and get all the kids together for some fun. One of the families graciously hosts our gathering at their house each year.

Each year goes by so fast. Its nice sharing the stories of the year and seeing how much each child has grown.

On Monday, Columbus Day, we were off early to King Richard's Faire in Carver MA. The girls were excited about dressing up but tired from our busy Sunday and late night return.

Our knight for the joust was the obnoxious one though he did well in his fighting. The food was expensive and its amazing how fast the money goes with the games and five kids. The kids did enjoy the mud pit show but lets hope they don't repeat any of the words we hope they didn't understand.

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