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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

If summer would just last a bit longer...

I can't help being sad as the days of summer rush by so fast. We've had such a lovely time so far. Plenty of lazy days at home and plenty of time with friends and plenty of time exploring and having fun. But still school seems looming up so fast.

We enjoyed a trip up to Maine for a week and tried kayaking with the kids. We couldn't help enjoying several stops for pop-overs at Jordan Pond and a little hikes. We took a mail boat ride to Isle le Haut duck harbor and hiked along the cliffs and stone beaches. My husband sketched one pastel of the coastline that I love.

From Maine we drove up to Canada and spent a week at CAMMAC a music camp west of Montreal. The kids absolutely loved it! I took one class in recorder and spent the rest of my free time crafting a bit and reading a few books.

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