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Monday, June 30, 2008

Ahhh! Summer!

School is officially done and summer is here! Everyone had a slight adjustment to the slower pace. Lots of complaints of "I'm BORED!" But this week they are amusing themselves more and it is nice.

I am almost fully recovered from my little bout with pneumonia. Yes, I did catch this from my husband but its not surprising since I was taking care of him and sleeping next to him as he coughed for many days before we knew what was going on. Antibiotics work wonders. The lingering cough is annoying though.

My days are pretty much filled with working on my custom orders and fitting in some time with the girls too. I've stayed up late and worked on a few new things when I feel I deserve a little free time. That is the problem with custom work though. I do try and set a little free time to do whatever I feel like but sometimes this just isn't possible. But this type of work does allow me to work at home and be available to my children.

My vegetable garden is growing well and I am enjoying watching all the pretty "wild" flowers spring up in my gardens. I have a pair of Robin's nesting in my little tree we purchased this spring. The bees are happily foraging for nectar. We have left the back field pretty natural since there are so many wild flowers and clover as well. The butterflies are really enjoying it and the various milkweed plants that have sprung up. A small/baby skunk has moved into the girls "hobo" shack down back so they are a bit leery about venturing into the woods now. Well I don't blame them. The skunk has been sighted in the day time so I'm a little worried about rabies but it is a rather young skunk so maybe this is normal behavior.

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