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Sunday, April 20, 2008

The cycle of a year!

It's been a full year now in keeping this little blog!

A year later finds me doing pretty much the same thing this time of year. Yesterday, my younger daughter and I sat on the banks of the river watching the annual town canoe race. Her 3 favorite dolls were sitting in the sun in my grandmother's old suitcase situated safely on the upper bank. We played along the bank, fishing with a stick, string, and a pebble and then when the pebble was lost made sand castles and told a few "swamp monster" stories.
And of course the other right of spring -- burning the brush. The blackberries are as "evil" as ever invading everywhere. My arms bear the scars of my work since it seems there is no avoiding the thorns. I suppose its a "fruitless" endeavor to contain them. Though not completely fruitless -- we do enjoy the berries! The fire was a bit scary to contain with the wind catching the dry grass on fire more than I liked.

The little flock of chickens has pretty much settled in to a peaceful bunch with only a few squabbles now and then. They are contained in the pen now and my gardens will have a good chance of growing now with out being scratched out completely.

Today we are contemplating a family canoe trip down the river or even a trip into Boston after church. It's patriots day tomorrow and a vacation day.

I'll just share a few photos of my latest projects too of course...


tatsuko said...

Your work is lovely! The little orange guy is great :)

made by molly said...

these are so stinkin' cute! :)