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Monday, March 31, 2008

Sugar time...

Well I can't say that its been easy fitting in maple sugaring into our busy lives this year. And physically we just aren't up to the late nights anymore either. The girls help out a bit more -- collecting sap from the buckets -- but still we are exhausted. Basically I spend my days working on my art and tending the fire. Since I can't work in the sugar shack that means trudging up and down the long hill from the house. It certainly is exercise I need though.

Our sugar shack is a little makeshift but is so much better than working under the sky or tarp as we used to do. We recycled the framing and barn board from a small barn that was taken down. But as you can see we still don't have a proper roof though the tarp works well enough (it just needs to be replaced several times a year).

We had an unexpected spring snow which is still sticking around on the ground. The trees looked so lovely draped in white and the dreary green/brown of the yard was restored to winter beauty.

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Shahana said...

I am from tropical land, no idea about these weather.