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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A new year ...

I am looking forward to another year with even more exciting creativity. Last year was a first with my newly opened shop in Dec 2006 and has kept me pretty busy. I had sold my work locally at shops and galleries but my shop on Etsy was all my own. I really do love it. Lets hope the next year is just as exciting!

My bird cake toppers are featured on Etsy Finds today too! Wow!

I did manage to get most of "presents" made for my youngest daughter to some degree. Its difficult to live up to expectations but one can only do what one can. "Rosie" is our new addition to my daughters favorite baby dolls. She is pretty much Annie Ootie's twin with a few minor exceptions. They do look cute together. I sewed two matching hats but never had time to finish mittens and booties on Christmas eve.

My little fairy house and acorn cap fairies (dolls actually) was an improvised affair. I was planning on a house made of either tree bark or log rounds but with all the snow I figured finding materials would be difficult. So I made a house from an old felted brown sweater. I only managed to make 3 little dolls and no furniture and I will have to leave my dreams of decorating the fairy house to a free morning. I want to add felt flowers and vines along the walls and roof.

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Bonny said...

The fairy house is adorable! Can't wait to see how the interior decorating and landscaping for it progresses.

Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Year!