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Monday, September 24, 2007

Happy 275th Birthday!

Yesterday was our town's 275th birthday celebration. I am sure everyone was relieved to have such beautiful weather too! We decided to walk with our children in the 4H float for the parade. They did such an awesome job with the float. They had a sheep and several chickens in cages on the float and off the back a few bunnies in cages too!

The kids had several baskets of candy which they handed out to children along the parade route. Everyone had so much fun.

After we finished our march we headed back to the town common to enjoy the rest of the parade and grab something to eat.

I just loved sitting on the granite foundation watching everyone having so much fun. Girls ran around with flags and toy dogs on a leash and the boys were playing sword fights with inflatable swords. I was even tricked into touching a "shocking" pen. OUCH! Its times like this I really love this little town we live in.

On a different note I am so pleased to have my bird's nest wedding ring pillow featured today on the Etsy Wedding blog. Thank you so much!

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Bonny said...

I'm from a small town and now live in a bigger city area - I definitely miss the comraderie of small town living. Kids are relatively safe, fun and it's just a great atmosphere. Sounds like y'all had a fun day!