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Friday, August 10, 2007

A very BLUE day!

I finished up my custom order of bluebirds this morning and tried to get a few good photos on the porch -- its rainy today. They are going to be used as decorations on a bed skirt. I think they are just too adorable all grouped together! They were a lot of work though!

I need to get busy finishing several orders of wedding birds. I really love doing these. I remember how much fun it was planning my own wedding. We did so much of the work for my wedding ourselves and it came out so beautiful. But I really love all the color combinations that are used now -- so much more variety too!

Here is a cute painting my 6 year old did this morning while I finished up my bluebirds. She is using my watercolors this time and having fun with my messy palate. She is definitely a perfectionist so is not satisfied with what I find rather beautiful!

I wanted to share another nice Treasury on Etsy. This time it is a "buy and replace". It included one of my pottery chickens which someone purchased! It was created by tickledpinkknits. I love this cute knit wrist cuff from tickledpink's shop.


Bonny said...

Congrats on the treasury! And all the little bluebirds lined up remind me of a bunch of little birds on a clothesline - very cute!

pagano designworks said...

Oh your birds are ADORABLE!! They look to be very well made as well. I also love your drawer idea. Brilliant. It could also be hung on a wall.
Running off to etsy to check on your store!

Candy Stick Lane said...

Those bluebirds are the cutest things ever! By the way TAG - your it! (check out my blog to see details)

Anonymous said...

Those birdies are too cute! Darn I see CandyStick got ya LOL Can I tag you anyways? Oh well guess I will hahaha


altjoujou said...

All the little birds are precious --yours and your daughters!!
Someday she'll look back and realize how wonderful her painting was!