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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I love days like this!

We woke up to a nice cool summer morning with a crisp cool blue sky. These really are my favorite days -- a little fall like but still summer!

The state bee inspector visited today and looked at our three hives. They all seem to be doing strong with few mites. One of the hives must have swarmed a few weeks ago though. The inspector is really nice and I am glad that I had a chance to meet him since he sometimes visits when we are away from home. I love the smell of the bee smoker as he puffs in the smoke to subdue them a bit. He did get stung a few times though!

We spent the weekend in Ogunquit Maine and enjoyed a visit to the beach. Saturday evening we took the kids to "The King and I" at the Ogunquit Playhouse. It was a late night and our youngest was having a little difficulty before intermission. She perked up after that though! The next day we went to see "Fairy Houses" at the same playhouse. The author Tracy Kane of "Fairy Houses" was there signing her books. Our family has been making fairy houses since my oldest was about three -- nearly 10 years now so we were so excited. I used to take grape vines to make a little house and the kids would pick flowers and decorate the house! This play "Fairy Houses" was put on by children. Afterwards we explored the woods and fairy houses made in the forest out of natural materials. We spent about an hour and made a few of our own too.

Here are the fairy houses that other groups had placed in the forest...

The fairy house forest tour provided some sea shells, bird seed, hay and pine cones to make our own fairy houses. This is what we came up with using those supplies as well as those we found in the forest.

That afternoon after a yummy lunch outside we went to the beach for a swim. Along the path to the beach we admired these flowers and butterflies.

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