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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Beauty in small things...

Our roses are just peeking out now -- nearly 2 weeks later than normal. My daughter's middle name is Rose so we have been keeping a close eye on our roses for several weeks now. All roses are hers -- claimed by her middle name of course. Today she was so excited that we had to run out and cut some flowers for a vase first thing. So much joy for such a small thing.

Here are the roses climbing along the front of the playhouse -- called "rose cottage". In a few days I will take another photo when the roses finally bloom. This will easily be the best year for our roses due to the milder winter.

We headed off to the weekly town band concert with a carload of excited children. As my daughter's friend put it -- "Band concerts are the Bomb!" During the summer this is the place everybody sees each other. This is true for all ages too. Unfortunately the rain moved in during the concert. A mass movement to hide under the trees to stay dry was followed by everyone running back into the rain once the thunder/lightening started.

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