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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Hot sheep!

I took my youngest over to the farm with the sheep and met my friend there at the barn. The sheep shearer hadn't shown up yet and the hot woolly sheep had been cooped up in the barn all day. We visited them in their barn stall and fed them a few slices of bread. This barn was clearly the cleanest barn I have ever been in. It nearly inspired me to do a scrub down on my chicken coop -- but I have company coming so that was clearly not the best idea. We have a multitude of old house shutters and windows stored in our coop and they really need to find a new home in order to get the coop cleaned out properly.

When I was adding the story about our sheep visit I had no idea what the rest of my day would involve. My two eldest children had their orchestra concert at the New England Concervatory in Boston. The concert was lovely but the beautiful old hall is not air conditioned. The air was inredibly hot inside the auditorium. With the stage lights and incredible amount of human bodies in that room one could barely breath. I actually think the sheep in the barn yesterday were much better off than we were. The music was incredibly beautiful though and worth enduring the heat. I did feel bad for the children playing in the orchestras and the conductors on the stage. My eldest said it smelled like meat cooking up there. Anyway I can't believe these young children make such beautiful music.


Bonny said...

Decluttering is always the pits (although I do tend to like the results!) Your children sound very talented - and the concert sounds like it was wonderful in spite of the heat.

Rain's End said...

Yes, decluttering is satisfying though a daunting task which I tend to procrastinate on. Those shutters are in the chicken house because they are ancient (and probably have lead paint). But its difficult to part with things that belong to our dear old house. And wood shutters are not so easily found now a days.

I have a 30 second tiny movie from the concert but I have no clue how to upload it here.