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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

You can't sell it! It's mine!

Yes, that is what my daughter proclaims after everything I make now. But who can blame her -- they are pretty cute. So I often end up making her a version to keep as well. She has a few chickens now and this morning when I finished my little white kitty and grey mouse she protested again. When I wouldn't give in she ran off and brought back a dollar for each. That ought to do it mom, right? Arghh!

My items are listed in two new treasuries today. The first is called "You Animal" by montezumamudd.

The second is called "Teachers Pets" by Majo.

Between the thunderstorms I worked on a new label for some of my things. I would like something a little different for the wedding items. This picture was taken yesterday of our crab apple tree.

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