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Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Hen House

I really like the name "The Hen House" and may just make a sign for our little hen house with just those words on it. The french word for this would be Le Poulailler and this would be cute too. There is a group on flickr called the Le Poulailler or The Henhouse and I joined this group very soon after first uploading pictures to my flickr account. I love looking at pictures of chickens and even shared a few of my photos with that group. My little hen illustration was just voted picture of the month for April. I'm glad they like it. I named it "Did I do that?". And I know that is how I sometimes feel about many things.

My flickr account

Le Poulailler flickr group

This little ACEO is still for sale in my shop.

I finished and mailed out this custom ordered bluebird this morning too.

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