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Sunday, December 26, 2010

And the year goes round again ...

Getting the Christmas tree!

Mark stayed warm and cozy at home on the couch. Grandma had suggested a fake tree this year but the girls protested and insisted on cutting their own. So Cailley drove us a few miles to the local tree farm.

Hot mulled cider was delicious!

Townsend tree lighting on the common! Isabelle was there early singing with the girl scouts.

and then there was light!

Guess who ... pays a visit on the town fire truck?

... Santa of course hands out candy canes!

Warm hobo stew after the choir concert at one of the local churches on the town common.

Mid-December finds us enjoying the girls recitals and concerts. Isabelle played second chair in her orchestra and enjoyed dressing up for the concert.

Postcards of Christmas!

Our Christmas card for this year. Each girl made their own snow globe.

The Christmas table ...

Santa pays a visit ...

Singing Christmas carols after dinner ...

Our very own "Elf on the shelf" arrived late in the season and will stay until New Year's Eve!

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