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Monday, November 8, 2010


I'm exhausted and sad. It's just takes so much energy to be doing EVERYTHING. And getting another cold hasn't helped much either. But mostly I'm just sad about my dear husband and his medical issues. Its difficult to get him to eat and he is loosing weight too fast. I'm so worried too. We are going into the hospital daily for radiation. I'm hoping he will get some relief soon. I just feel so angry that we waited so long to address these issues and yet I have been worried about them since the summer. Who is listening to me? Anyway I am looking into a clinical trial type option and am hoping I can get him over this last bit of radiation ok.

But life is just continuing its rushing along. Isabelle wanted a witch costume hand sewn by me so I cooperated. Her little hat came out darling. Mark wasn't able to participate in the pumpkin carving (which he usually orchestrates) but his brother Kent helped out.

Mark posed with the girls and the pumpkins a bit ...

Halloween was a zoo as always (trying to do too many things at once) but the girls had fun.

Isabelle is on the right hand side and her fried (also a witch) on the left ...

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