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Monday, August 30, 2010

End of Summer

Today is our last summer day before school starts. We've had a lovely summer with Mark feeling up to a few outings and vacations. He is really doing quite well compared to the winter/spring and can walk short distances (including the walk from the parking lot to the beach -- which totally exhausts him) and this has allowed us some freedom.

We enjoyed our last weekend of the summer in Ogunquit with a one night stay in a motel. The outdoor pool was too cold to be enjoyed by the girls but they did spend some time in the over chlorinated indoor pool. Spamalot was playing at the playhouse so we arranged to spend Saturday evening there. It was fun and enjoyed by all. Sunday was our day at the beach and Mark was a trooper getting across and over the footbridge. We had to contend with the tide coming in and moving our setup a few times. Isabelle LOVED the water and boogie board surfing in the awesome waves. The other girls avoided the cold water more.

I just wanted to share a few composite photos of some of my work ...

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aurora said...

just wanted to say i love your work,and im so glad mark is doing well. i really hope he feels good as new soon enuf. take care