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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A very long and exciting road trip!

About the time of my last post on here in March I started planning out our family road trip out west to visit some of our country's beautiful National Parks and my siser's family living in Utah. This basically took up much of my free time during March and April and once May and June came along I was swamped with the children's activities and recitals. This year seem particularly busy with each of three girls old enough to have and abundant schedule of school and after school activities.

So on July 17 we started on our journey out west with my husband and I and 3 girls. The girls had insisted on a road trip having the idea that this would be a fun way to see the country. Our first major destination was the Grand Canyon and this was about 2400 miles from home. I'm not sure they quite comprehended the amount of driving this would involve.

Some notable events on our travels....

Our burnt toast (unbeknown to us) sets off a hotel wide alarm waking everyone in the hotel. We escape with our breakfast and coffee in hand and hit the road while everyone gathers in the lobby to the deafening alarm.

Hydroplaning on a highway in Arizona is not a recommended sport.

Don't even go into Flagstaff, AZ -- you may never get out. The walmart you see in the distance is only a mirage.

Sunrise on the Grand Canyon is well worth the early rise and more fun in pajamas.

Letting the kids climb on the rocks and in trees is a lesson in prayer. Thankfully they returned in one piece.

Luray Caverns

Acoma Peublo

Grand Canyon, South Rim

Grand Canyon, North Rim

Zion National Park

Bryce Canyon National Park

Capital Reef National Park

Arches National Park



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