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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Winter is racing by at a snails pace... and obsessing about CPSIA

I can't say that January has been my favorite month of this year (though it has been the first). It seemed to be consumed by all the colds that our little family has suffered through. Somewhere in that time Christmas was packed up and put away for another year.

And somewhere in that time between trips to the doctors there was time for creative endeavors too...

Any free time I've had I have spent reading up on the new CPSIA laws. Though I don't make toys or clothing for children I have wondered if my ring pillows and flower girl baskets would be covered under these laws. And though I don't sell children's toys my husband and I have been avid creators of toys for our children. I would hate to see all the lovely small businesses dedicated to making beautiful and creative toys put out of business by this law.

I think the initial intention of the law is correct because our children should be protected from lead and pthalates in their toys and clothing. In the interests of making a profit large companies purchase cheaply made toys overseas without any regards to safety. In response to this small businesses have sprung up making lovely handmade toys with natural materials. But its these small businesses that will now be forced to close with the stringent CPSIA testing requirements. I do think that small businesses should be held accountable to certifying that the components they use to make their toys are safe. We can't just assume that they are safe. We need to demand supplies and materials that are safe and have the certification from the manufacturers to prove it. Any way I hope the CPSIA stay goes into effect and that during this time the laws are better worked out so that small businesses can be allowed to continue.

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