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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One of those days...

Yesterday was just one of those days thats just completely unsettling. I didn't get much sleep the night before -- too much caffeine too close to bedtime and a child up with nightmares.

Our homeowners insurance was sending someone out to "inspect" our house -- or at least that was how I felt. With three busy kids in the house and all their toys and creative "projects" our house is never in a perfect state. They drag all their toys and toy produce downstairs with the cash register to play store. They cut up paper plates, cardboard, straws and use much tape to create all sorts of things. There is a constant arrangement of artwork of theirs on the floors in various states of completion. All good things to keep them busy and creative. And of course there is me too with all my projects and my custom work area. So ours is a busy but not always neat house.

This inspection was worrying me. We have lived here nearly 18 years now and I have never heard anything from the insurance. So I wondered what they were up to. And I guess having a stranger come uninvited to look at the house really made me anxious too. So after a morning of running around frantically trying to neaten the house including stuffing the unfolded clean clothes -- back into the dryer, I managed to survive the visit. But after all this I still don't know whats up with them and why the visit.

I did manage to get a little dyeing in just before he showed up so my kitchen counter was a little messy. I was trying to match two colors -- a dark green brown and a yellow orange brown. I must admit it is a little fun playing with the colors and I am a little amazed sometimes at the success. The colors really looked pretty together. Here are the wool eggs and silk ribbon that I dyed...

My own camera went for a ride in my husbands car trunk for the day and this didn't dawn on me until I had searched frantically for a while. Where did I put it as I was "cleaning" up. Maybe it was stuffed in the dryer? No -- just kidding. Eventually I gave up and borrowed my daughters camera which turned out to be an awesome discovery. Using the close up mode on her camera I was finally able to get close up photos in focus. Wow! Of course now that I have my camera back I notice that it does have some obscure little button with a flower on it that probably puts it into close up mode. I know that this is such a little thing but what a big help this will be for all the photos I have to take each day.


jewelstreet said...

Oh, I hope everything is okay with the insurance company.

Yep. That little flower signals macro mode for closeups. I wish mine stayed on because I hardly ever don't use it.

S'mee said...

Back in the day, we too had an inspection for the dear folks at Huge Insurance Inc.. It was implied this was to make sure we "had enough coverage" to include new purchases, up grades, etc. in case of flood or fire.

All it got us was an increase in premiums and a stern warning to fix a crack in the sidewalk "or else Missy!"

Crack fixed and more moola sent on a monthly basis to insure Huge Insurance Inc. stock holders were affluent enough to install swimming pools at their residences.

Anything to help the cause, I suppose.

Adoring the dye job.