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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I love May!

Everything is so green and vibrant! It makes me smile just to walk outside and see the flowers and the sudden greening of the gardens.

This weekend was a quiet one. The rain kept us indoors and my husband was taking it easy due to the emergency room visit for chest pains earlier in the week. I actually did a lot of crafting and then on my birthday spent many hours working on a fabric bird cake topper. With so many custom orders lined up its difficult to find time to do so and on my birthday I figured I was entitled to a little free time to make something on my own. I have several orders for fabric bird pairs coming up and I wanted to see if I could dress up my birds in wedding attire. I really think the eyes are so important on the birds and if the groom was to wear black his eyes would be lost in the fabric. So I added a little white "cheek" on each bird and positioned the eyes and beak a little lower than my typical birds. Its so funny how eye and beak placement change the look of the birds so much and yet they all are pretty appealing. On the base I used some pretty leaf motif craft paper by Martha Stewart from Michaels. I was also excited to use some coordinating tape (also Martha Stewart). I went with the green flower accents and added black glitter to the grooms hat as well.

I am hoping for at least one nice day this weekend for our may day celebration with our maypole. In the rain of last weekend no one was interested. My youngest is reminding me to do this soon.

These are my latest pairs of custom birds to be going off soon...

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Kim said...

Oh my,

These cake toppers are absolutely gorgeous as are most of the items I see on your site.

Thanks so much. I really enjoyed browsing through.