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Monday, January 21, 2008

On being busy...

I guess there are advantages to being busy. (I'm looking on the bright side here!)

Too busy to wallow in winter blues
Too busy to watch the stupid tv
Too busy to waste hours online
Too busy to clean house much -- and I have an excuse
Too busy to volunteer for everything -- learning to say NO
Too busy to snack too much
Too busy that its ok if I make a few mistakes along the way -- missed appointments, etc

In any case January is racing by and February is on its way! And February means Valentines Day!

This is a Valentine treasury on Etsy that I love. My new pair of red birds are included.


Lisa Brown - Vintage Sweet Peas said...

Yes, that is how I found you! Thank heavens for those little red birds...love your Etsy site and blog!


Bonny said...

Go for the positive - it's always more fun! (and I'd like to think I'm always too busy to clean house much ... although I love it when it's clean!)

Rain's End said...

Yeah, I was definitely trying for the positive side of being busy -- especially this time of year, which is unexpected. And it does make me realize that its nearly impossible to do everything. The good thing is having the kids help out with the household chores too. Though I love them having fun -- fun usually means another mess. I've really started to make sure they put away some of their "set ups" sooner after their play has ended. Otherwise my life is an endless chore of sorting.

Cicada Studio said...

All good points. Though I'm apparently not so busy to spend lots of time online and snack too much.