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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Getting into the spirit of Christmas, crafting for my family!

Last night I finally sat down to start on a "friend" for Annie Ootie. Annie is my daughter's waldorf style doll and she wants a friend. At first this friend was going to be a little boy but now it looks like it will be a girl named Rosie. I have the head finished and the cloth cut out for the body, legs, and arms. I am using the Magic Cabin doll kit again. I think Rosie might end up as an Annie's twin since my daughter indicated that black hair was not acceptable. The only other I have right now is blond.

Guests are showing up for Christmas on Friday and I am seriously behind on the house cleaning. So I know I will be busy working on this for the next few days too. Also we need to start thinking about what we might have for Christmas dinner.

Though I love the snow I am silently cursing it now. Having a rather short driveway I need to make room for at least two cars along the road. That means digging out a two foot (at least) snow berm that is pretty frozen. I am hoping the small snow storm in the immediate forecast is small!

Similar to JRR Tolkien's Father Christmas letters, Santa writes and draws letters to our children. Each year is a continuing story of Santa, the elves, Polar Bear, and his good friend Penguin.

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Shadows of the goddess designs said...

Polar bear and penguin are so adorable !! Saw your blog listed on etsy thread :)