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Monday, December 10, 2007

Getting into the spirit of Christmas - The Cards

Yesterday afternoon I finally started on our Christmas card project. My youngest had drawn a few pictures for me to use as ideas for our card. I scanned these into the computer and fixed up the drawing outlines a bit. Initially I was going to print the sketches for her to color but she had a friend visiting and they were outside having fun. At least I think they were having fun because they came inside with fingers that looked as close to frostbite as I have ever seen. Anyone who can ignore that kind of cold must have been having fun. So instead I used the Photoshop to "color" them in a bit.

We were going for simple and this worked out pretty well. The idea was to have a picture of our house and cut "flaps" in the bottom windows and door to open up and show school photos of the girls peeking through. I had to make my daughters windows a little bigger though for this to work but in Photoshop this was fairly easy.

We will add a little glitter to the front card to "sparkle" it up a bit too!


knitsteel said...

That's a nice idea. We too need to get started on the Christmas cards.

saffron said...

Cute cards! I'd better get busy making my cards, TODAY!!

Rain's End said...

Thank you!

I love the kids drawings and we will probably take advantage of their artistic talents until they are grown up. I think my husband misses making the cards though but I tell him he will have plenty of time to do this later on.