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Monday, September 10, 2007

Who let the dogs out?

This seems to be the never ending question as kids go in and out the door all summer long. We live on a busy street so this is a big concern for us with the dogs. This weekend wasn't a happy one for our older dog. She appears to have injured her good leg while trying to get off the couch. Poor thing can't even get up now. We have to carry her outside. I guess she won't be making any of her mysterious escapes anymore.

My sister's family is also going through a difficult time with their older dog (only 8 years though). The poor thing was diagnosed with cancer last weekend and she is fading fast. She was running around with our puppy this summer without a care in the world. The cancer has moved in fast and spread to her internal organs. The family is facing some difficult decisions this month. How do you explain this to young children when its so hard to deal with as an adult?

I have been working on these little needle felted dogs for a custom order. They have kept me busy nearly the full morning -- which I need as I adjust to this QUIET that is almost deafening (kids at school all day now). They are just so awesome -- I can't believe I made them myself.

This handsome fella is a Bernese Mountain Dog

This sweetheart is a Husky ...

I will be "dressing them up" this evening so they are ready for the "big" day.

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Bonny said...

Ohhh - so sorry to hear about your dog! I hate that they can't be with us as long as we want them to be. On another note, your new needle felted dogs are absolutely adorable - especially love the husky!