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Friday, September 14, 2007

Adjusting to the quiet house...

Well I have almost survived my first week at home with no kids during school hours. The days actually go by pretty fast and I still find myself with not enough time to finish what I want to do. And my art and craft work keep me very busy too. So its not so bad. I guess I just need a routine and some way to get me through the drearier rainy and then cold winter days.

I took my camera onto the porch and a pair of wedding birds to take a few pictures. In an elm tree of ours that died suddenly this summer there were a pair of woodpeckers pecking noisily at the trunk of the tree. They were larger than the small downy woodpeckers I have seen visiting the tree recently. I have been thinking about what to do about this tree quite a bit. Its so sad just looking at the dead limbs and I am tempted to cut it down. My other thought was to put up many bird houses on the tree. We have a gourd plant growing crazily in our garden this year with so many gourds too. So I could hang a bunch of these up. I'm not sure how pretty it will be and certainly won't provide any shade like that lovely tree did but it would be nice for the birds. I like having the woodpeckers visit too.

So here are my latest pair of wedding birds. This bride has a sweet little birdcage veil. When I was making it my youngest pointed out that it looked like a birdcage before she even knew what it was called. I was pretty happy with her unsolicited compliment though!

My middle child interviewed me this week regarding "how I use math in my daily life". It was fun talking to her about my store on Etsy. I think she was a little surprised at what I needed to do to have a "store".

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