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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Birds, birds, birds

Last week I during my vacation I was busy working on a few custom orders, but I also wanted to work on a few small birds. The firmly felted birds I have been selling take a considerable amount of time to make. These little birds are a lot easier for me and they don't require any wiring, sewing, or bead work. I am going to make a bunch of small ones of various varieties. They would look great wired to a branch or hanging from a string.

The sun came out unexpectedly so I finally had a chance to mow the lawn. I enlisted my daughter to vacuum the pool and she complained excessively. I pointed out that I would rather do that than mow. My morning glories are climbing furiously up their strings now and our vegetable garden is awesome. We are having fresh salads every night and broccoli and Swiss chard. I love the summer! The rest of the year I can barely eat a salad but I could eat fresh greens everyday from our garden!

One of our bunnies died while we were away. A lot of tears were shed over the loss of Bumper when we returned. He was about 11 years old. I did have a good idea and moved our little feathered friends - the 3 bantam chickens - into the little hutch. They have all their feathers now but are still so small. We have a small weasel out there that would love to snack on them. And the added benefit is that the bunny cage has new inhabitants so the kids are happier.

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