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Thursday, May 31, 2007

I finished this little purple bird today. The purple matches perfectly with the purple lupines that are blooming now. I finished my latest batch of pottery chickens with a few cats too. I just listed this little funny cat.

Softies Central featured one of my needle felted roosters on May 29th. I particularly like the red and black color combination. I sold this particular one in early April. I have rooster with red and green spots that remind me of green olives though the green is much brighter.

Meanwhile I guess I am looking for any excuse not to keep cleaning house (for the imminent visit from the grandparents). Obviously I shouldn't be finishing up birds, photographing, listing new items, and blogging, when I have so much yet to do. But I just can't help but procrastinate. I even watched a PBS program about the possibility of life on other planets (I was supposed to be dusting the multitude of nicnacs I have in that room). I was so mesmerized by this that I didn't get much done at all.


Bonny said...

Your cat is fabulous =) I can also appreciate the procrastination - especially when it comes to housework. There are SO many more other fun things to do!

Rain's End said...

Oh, thank you bonny! I do think its odd that the women I am friends with who are artistic have less organized and neat houses than those who are not artist. I suppose creating things takes up time and also contributes to the general disarray too.